Reno shows

If you want to have the best night and possibly attend a live show or a casino show, Reno VIP Service can get you the best deal. Want to enjoy a ‘Girls night out, Group setting or Guys Night Out?’ We will make sure that you attend the most diverse combination of live performances and vibrant shows in Reno, Nevada. If you plan to attend special live music at The Brew Brothers, Bubinga Lounge or Roxy’s Bar & Lounge, Reno VIP Service has the link to get you a special VIP seating and exceptional service.

If you are in the mood to watch an amazing production show taking place in the Eldorado Showroom, we can get you in at a reasonable rate and give you the opportunity to enjoy fantastic Reno shows.

The city of Reno takes pride in shows & hosting the most thrilling and exhilarating events you could ever attend. Eldorado Hotel Casino has earned its reputation for the perfect place to do just that. It is located in the center of downtown, which means that you will not have to go too far. It is also connected to the skyway where you can go to the circus and walk to several venues where you will be pleasantly entertained. This includes the Reno Events Center.  We have the link to all of these venues; especially if you are looking for affordability and VIP service. To give you more information about the events taking place in and around Reno, here is a short list below.

Reno Shows

Reno Shows

Reno Shows at the Eldorado Showroom

The Eldorado Showroom seats five hundred and eighty people. It is one of the most remarkable venues in the northern part of Nevada. It features advanced sound and lighting technology and is similar to a Broadway production.
Entertainers come from all types of musical genre and create an atmosphere of intimacy and grandeur. When you are in this place, you cannot help it if you feel close up to where the performance is taking place. It is as if you are in the show as well. You will always be able to watch some big name celebrities that you have always adored. Throughout the entire show, you will be standing up so many times to give deserving ovations.

The Reno Event Center 

This center is only a few blocks away from the Eldorado Casino/Hotel. It is able to seat up to 7,500 patrons. Many celebrities visit this location. Each square foot is excellent for holding events such as boxing matches and lively shows.

Reno Ballroom 

The Reno Ballroom has graced the likes of the First Lady, Michelle Obama and performers from Vietnam and China. It accommodates up to 3,000 patrons. It also offers an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere. Across the street, you can find VIP lodging at the Eldorado Casino/Hotel.
Reno VIP Service is your connection to all of these places mentioned. We will get you in on VIP status and you will be able to enjoy a delightful night as if you were a celebrity.

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