Reno Dining

Reno V.I.P. service is essentially your conduit to having a great time in Reno, Nevada. This means that you don’t have to do the ‘leg work,’ all on your own. If you want to experience fine Reno dining in this Biggest Little City in Nevada, it would be to your advantage to go through Reno V.I.P. service for premier reservations and affordable rates.

Whether you are going to Reno on business, vacation or romance, there is something for you there. Reno V.I.P. service will find the exact locations to meet your needs. A romantic restaurant in Reno offers sophistication and a wide menu selection. If it is Valentine’s Day or you are celebrating a birthday or engagement, there is the right venue to meet your expectations and put you in the precise mood.


This Italian restaurant is strategically positioned in the Peppermill Hotel Casino. It is a dreamy display of sculptures, pillars, a shifting sky scene overhead, and torches. Romanza has earned its recognition with many awards for its delicious cuisine. It is opened Wednesday through Sunday, between 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Reno V.I.P. service will make the reservations on your behalf and get you in the door without having to wait in a long line.

Harrah’s Steak House

This steak house is considered the city’s Triple A rated restaurant. Its elegance is obvious the minute you walk through the door. The service is impeccable and the food is indescribably great. Reno V.I.P. provides service that will allow you to make plans to eat nightly from 5 PM until close. You can dine earlier; between 5 PM and 6 Pm. This location is a real treat for those looking for a romantic environment.

Reno Dining

Reno Dining

Café de Thai

In South Reno, you will find the Café de Thai where Reno V.I.P. service and upscale Reno dining will help you to get in the door of this prestigious restaurant. You will enjoy an exceptional meal, personalized service and a modern setting. Just let us know the date and time that you want to dine; Sunday through Saturday and we will get you in this quiet section of town; away from the busy downtown area.

La Vecchia

La Vecchia is an Italian restaurant with a casual and comfortable setting. Reno V.I.P. service can inform you about some of the items on their extensive wine list where you can choose your wine beforehand. If you have allergies, this restaurant caters to gluten-free pasta meals.


The Eldorado Hotel Casino is located downtown and has fine Reno dining. Roxy’s is inside of this casino and so only Reno V.I.P. service can get you in. This is a classy, but quiet restaurant that offers steak, baked goods, appetizers and seafood. The restaurant carries more than 100 variations of martini.

Sterling Seafood Steakhouse

If you are looking for ambiance, Reno V.I.P. service can help you to make reservations to dine at the Sterling Seafood Steakhouse; alone or in a group. You will greatly enjoy the menu selection and the atmosphere. You will receive exclusive attention; being waited on by a professional staff and never having to request anything. They will be at your beck and call.

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