Reno Nightlife

The nightlife in Reno, Nevada is captivating. Reno VIP Service will make your experience unforgettable, interesting and fun. There are so many options for you in one night. You have live music, casino gambling, live shows, night clubs and GoGo dancers, if that is your preference. Reno has it all! If you want to sit and watch the exotic GoGo dancing, Edge is the place you want to be. Featuring the hottest and most current music, this place has the best dancers and you can enjoy their VIP bottle service too.

 Reno Nightlife

Reno Nightlife

Night Clubs

At BuBinga Lounge, we will get you into their raised VIP area and you can experience Reno nightlife. You will be able to grace their new dance floor and enjoy drinks at one of the full bars. At Sapphire Lounge, you get to dance all night while you sip your favorite drink

Reno VIP Service has close connections with a lot of nightclubs and entertainment attractions in the area. Experience Reno Nightlife in the Aura Lounge is also one of them. When you book with us, you don’t have to wait in long lines. We can get you into this intimate and elegant setting where you will have a fun night. It is also opened during the day time. At the Centric Cabaret, you will enjoy this celebrity-style nightclub and feel like a celebrity with their exceptional VIP service.


If you like to bar hop, you need to contact us. You can hop from one bar to the next. Start at the St. James Infirmary, which is the ideal place to drink specialty cocktails, beer and wine. This place is a class act and was voted the best bar in Reno by the Reno News & Review. If you are looking for a traditional pub, we can get you into Ole Bridge Pub. You enjoy large bottles of beer and an excellent wine selection on a patio that overlooks the Truckee River. The only rum bar in Reno is the Rum Bullions Island Bar where you can enjoy outlandish rum drinks and entertainment.

Every night, there is a different theme and you will be able to sit and listen to dueling pianos. If you are a sports enthusiast, Knuckleheads Sports Bar would be your main stop. It offers live music and large televisions all around that show various sports activities. Play pool or listen to the karaoke. Reno VIP Service can even do better. We can get you into the Commrow where there is a wide selection of eateries and bars in one building. So you don’t have to bar hop along the strip. Everything is in one place. So experience Reno nightlife today!

More about Reno Nightlife

Reno VIP Service can get you into the ‘210 North’ nightclub. This is dubbed as the place where you get the best nightclub experience on the Reno nightlife strip. It is multilevel with various games, bar and dance floors. Most of the patrons are under 35 years old, but older people do go there for a night of fun. The place is lively and always crowded. We can make sure that you don’t have to wait in the long lines. We can get you quickly into this hot nightclub with VIP seating.

The Underground is said to present live rock bands, DJs, and performing artists. If you love to stay out late, this is the venue that we can get you into. On weekends, it heats up after 1 AM. If you love concerts and live DJs, Reno VIP Service will get you access into Coco Boom. The place is packed on these nights, but we can get you VIP access. Call us immediately to secure your VIP nightclub experience.

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