Reno Spa

If you don’t’ have sufficient time for a week-long vacation, you have other options. If you are bogged down with work and don’t have time to make travel plans, we have the right choice for you. At Reno VIP Service, we can arrange for a weekend trip that includes spa treatment and personalized care such as nails, hairdos and facial. You get to choose the place where you want to get all of this done. Pampering you is what we do best here at Reno VIP Service.

Reno Spa Stone Massage

Reno Spa Stone Massage

We know all of the best places where you can feel relaxed, important and indulged. We can get you into the right place where the staff will spoil you with first class treatment. Many of the hotels that we have business relationships with – do offer world class spa treatment. You certainly deserve this kind of treatment of complete relaxation and rest.

Reno Spa Services

Reno, Nevada has a wide range of resorts, hotel and spa centers that cater to your health, beauty and personalized care. At Reno VIP Service, we know how to connect you with the best spa where you will get the treatment that allows you to look good and be healthy. We have a wide list of places that provide various types of services including:

  • Beauty salons
  • Barber shops
  • Nail salons
  • Beauty spas
  • Medical spas
  • Tanning salons

Reno VIP Service can get you into an upscale Reno spa where you will be able to get the best pedicure, manicure and hairdo. We have links to day spas, destination spas and skin care spas where you will receive pampering from your head to your feet. These include facials, anti-aging treatment and other skin care service. Our list of medical spas is kept confidential because only if you do business with us will you be able to get in. You won’t need to make an appointment because we will take care of everything else for you. If you need Botox, Derma Fillers, microdermabrasion or any other cosmetic surgery, we know the best medical centers. You will come out looking better than you did going in. Reno VIP Service also has great connections with tanning salons that offer Ultra violet tanning beds or spray tanning.

You will look bronzed and stunning when they are done with you. For your overall fitness, Reno VIP Service can get you into the best fitness and wellness centers locally. You will receive personalized and VIP treatment where you will learn about ways to maintain your overall health. Everyone does better with a good massage. At Reno VIP Service, we understand this and will get you into the most effective massage centers. You will be hooked up to a professional masseuse who will make you feel good. With your massage, you will be able to eliminate muscle pain and stress.

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